Keita serves 13000 meals in 20 minutes everyday using Prologic First’s Smart Hospitality Solutions

Everyday 13000 students of The Emirates National Schools, Abu Dhabi, are served lunch during a 20 minute break. Keita opted for a state of the art, cashless ordering system from Prologic First to ensure that the children can be served their meals quickly and receive the right food. Keita’s rapid serve solution allows parents to choose daily meals and top up money to cover the meals.

Prologic First installed 22 Touche POS kiosks with biometric scanners where children identify themselves through a fingerprint scan. The system then checks the meal selection and available balance in the child’s account and prints out a token. The children use these tokens to collect their lunch. The whole process of scanning the fingerprint to printing a token is completed in a matter of seconds.

Keita uses Prologic First’s WebProlific Integrated back office software to manage recipes, purchases, inventory and accounts to ensure the children get healthy and uniform food while keeping a strong grip on costs and profitability. The fantastic team at Keita also use Web PayTrax HR and Payroll management software from Prologic First to manage their employee HR requests and manage salary processing.

Keita is a multifaceted catering company serving millions of tasty and nutritious meals to schools, hospitals, cafes and staff accomodations every month. Prologic First is proud to be an ingredient in Keita’s recipe for success.