What do hospitality professionals really need to know about hospitality technology

Efficiency, time, savings, quality of bookings, more direct revenue, opportunity to upsell are the true keywords that the hotel industry is looking for today. Technology is meant to accelerate growth.

Hospitality today needs to be like a super employee – agile and dependable to hit the ground running. There is no single piece of technology that can do everything for everyone. Hoteliers need to understand their own operations, identify business needs and build their technology stack likewise.

So, how can hotels know what is ideal for them? After all every hotel has its own unique technology requirements because one size does not fit all. The best approach is to consult specialised companies such as Prologic First which is one of the world’s leading Smart Technology Solutions providers for the hospitality industry offering a comprehensive array of products and solutions for hotels.

Trusted by global hospitality leaders, the company has been at the forefront of providing multi-functional innovative technology solutions for hotels for more than two decades serving clients in over 40 countries. In addition to the most comprehensive hospitality cloud solutions, Prologic First has been a pioneer in hybrid and on-premise hospitality technology solutions and is the technology partner of choice for many leading hotels in the region and worldwide.

Like in all other spheres of life, choice is a must when it comes to hotel technology. It is important to choose between cloud and on-premise software or a custom hybrid solution where some of the tech stack runs on the cloud and the rest run on servers under the watchful eye of the IT department. The choice of a robust and functional tech stack that can get a hotel’s basic operations live, doors open and heads in beds in a matter of hours could be a choice for some hotels while others could go for an enterprise grade tech stack with complex implementation and support needs.

The truth is that all the latest tech buzzwords such as AI, ML, RPA are all simply ingredients for the Master Chef of technology to build products that truly address the needs of the professionals within the hospitality industry and help them run faster, jump higher and produce better results. If technology can help bring down the average request handling time by 30 %, it means hotel staff can handle more requests every day. If service time in a restaurant is reduced by 20 %, it means that table turnover is faster, and the restaurant serves more covers every hour – no guesses about increasing revenue here.

Eventually, it all boils down to cost, reliability and support. Hospitality decision makers need to base their decisions on quality, proven technology products from vendors who have a proven track record and the ability to step up when things go wrong.