How leading Bombay restaurants are saving real estate costs through technology.

“Real estate has become so expensive in Mumbai, that running a feasible profitable restaurant here is a big challenge” says Yash Bhanage, Founder and COO of Bombay Canteen and O’Pedro, which have developed reputations as culinary landmarks of the city. Faced with this problem, Bhanage and team took a systematic approach, and reached a logical conclusion.

“You need to start demarcating areas in your restaurant so that they are profit generating. We needed an IT setup which needed the least amount of space. Right now we’re using Prologic First’s Touché POS System. Servers walk around with tablets, taking orders. They don’t need to come back to a side station to punch them in. We also have a cloud system for material management, hence we don’t need a huge server setup. It saves us a lot of space. ”

Unique situations call for unique solutions, and while there are many reasons for adopting cloud based and tablet based technology, Bhanage and team have come up with a compelling logic which would resonate with the managers of any F&B unit located in high rent areas anywhere in the world.